Entertaining Talks About Serious Stuff

“Struggle through life with a strong facade and make others happy.”

Trace Dann, the guy behind Captain Krankypants (www.captainkrankypants.com) has achieved a lot in his life. He has done so much that many ‘normal’ people would love to achieve. A commissioned army officer, a senior public (civil) servant, a consultant, rally navigator, touring car pit crew, international theatre producer, stage show writer, tv producer, radio announcer… and the list goes on. 

He doesn’t put these achievements down to any specific talent or skill but just a mental need to get stuff done and make other people happy – many times at his own cost both mentally and financially.


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Who Is Trace Dann?

After 50+ years experience in life and 30+ in the work force, the guy born with a girl’s name, Tracy Dann, has a wealth of experiences that combine to provide a unique outlook on life. In 2018, he was diagnosed with PTSD and Depressive Disorder caused by a few short stints overseas.

At 59 years of age he finally got fed up with the confused look on people’s faces when they met him for the first time; thinking Tracy was going to be female, so he decided to make a small change to everyone else but a massive change for him. TRACY became TRACE, which is what most of his friends and family called him anyway.

Now he is moving forward with a positive and stronger attitude to life and is willing to share the stories of stresses he went through all his life attempting to overcome the burden his parents left him and the struggles he has had in an attempt to overcome the mental health issues he still faces everyday.

Stories stemming from 19 years in the military (including multiple tours to battle zones), three years as a senior executive in the Australian Public Service, three years as an international lecturer in power generation for one of Australia’s leading universities (a subject he admits to knowing absolutely nothing about), five years as a marketing manager for a team in Australia’s top touring car competition, a manager of one of Australia’s leading international recording artists, a tarmac rally co-driver, bass player in a rock band, radio announcer and a state representative athlete.

It was these tasks and many more that became a part of Trace’s coping strategies, as well as having to develop a tough exterior and become a grumpy old man (Captain Krankypants). 


Why Is He Doing This?

Trace has always been an entertainer – from the classroom clown through to the life of the party, he has always entertained people – even his philosophy when teaching demonstrated this – “I love passing knowledge on to my students but in reality they are just an audience for my own extroverted activity”.

He loves to speak in both formal and informal situations and was even presented with the “Best Speaker At Symposium” award at an international conference in South Africa on government procurement and regulation.

Being self driven all his life, Trace has had a career of continual improvement with what he sees as minimal outlay and investment. In reality he has developed such efficiency in action, and works at such a high level, that even what he sees as sub-standard performance is generally higher than that provided by others.  

Trace now understands his desire for perfection and stimulation come from deep within and he believes there are many other people in the world who also have the skills and desire he has, they just need to understand how to grab that desire, combine it with a positive approach and make things happen.

He believes everyone has potential to achieve their own goals, both emotional and physical. And these goals will vary in level and intensity – one person may wish cars, mansions and cash while others may wish for internal peace and serenity.

Trace believes anyone can achieve their own potential and, maybe with a helping hand, achieve their own defined success.




Trace is one of those amazing talents – a person who can set his mind on achieving anything and will make it happen. He has squeezed so much into his hectic life and helped so many others achieve their dreams. His talks are fascinating – ranging from being born into a poor family that emigrated from the UK to Australia in 1964 through to managing international pop stars and producing highly acclaimed theatre shows. His innate wit and charm make any time with him most enjoyable.

Frank Ifield – Australian pop music legend

One of the most entertaining and inspiring speakers I have seen or heard. Trace know exactly how to get a serious topic across in a simple and entertaining way. His humour is well balanced and makes for a very enjoyable experience.

Dana Gambrill

Executive Consultant/Futurist


What a great presenter, informative, entertaining, funny and inspiring. Trace really knows how to engage his audiences and hold their attention even in lengthy presentations on complex topics. I cannot recommend him highly enough… 

Ewen Strutt

Contracts Executive – Australian Border Force