Corporate Presentations and Keynotes

Inspiring Sales Staff, Encouraging Executives, Enthusing Teams

Many years working as a corporate and government executive allows Trace to understand the culture and the stresses of life in these areas. For corporate clients, he draws on his experience in these areas and applies his own take on how to be successful, how to retain enthusiasm, how to motivate staff and how to manage upwards.

His life experiences in many and varied activities, as well as coping with an ongoing desire to achieve results and deliver high quality customer service in everything he does ensures clients receive value for money and positive outcomes from his presentations.

Trace makes all his presentations appear light hearted and enjoyable – even when passing on serious messages. His ongoing battle with PTSD and Depressive Disorder has given him a unique view of the world, despite the inner turmoil he experiences he always sees the funny side of situations and uses that to frame his presentations.

He also capitalises on his life with these disorders and how they assisted him to be successful rather than hindered him. He explains how these conditions forced him to behave and be perceived in certain ways while internally it was a completely different story.

Trace’s corporate presentations are fun with serious undertones and show clearly how and why a book should never be judged by its cover.

Charity Talks

Assist the less fortunate to see there can be a brighter future

Trace understands that there are many individuals and not for profit organisations who may benefit from his experiences. Accordingly, he sets aside a number of dates each year to present to groups who may work with under-privileged, disadvantaged or less fortunate people.

He shapes his talks around personal experiences being raised in a family that struggled to make ends meet and he learned from a young age that it is really up to you to make things happen for yourself – and that in many cases all an individual needs is that one break (lucky or designed) in order to climb out of the rut and turn their life around.

Trace asks attendees on these sessions to consider what they want from life, what they would (honestly) like to achieve and what their needs are for their own inner peace – while goal setting is an important part of achieving, each individual’s goals differ, some may be physical, some may be financial while others may be emotional.

These talks are individually designed around the needs of the group or individuals attending and are made entertaining in order to deliver the serious message.

Radio and Television

Spreading the word to the public

Trace has considerable experience working in the media and is happy to make himself available to spend time on air talking about his experiences with PTSD and Depressive Disorder. He believes by letting people know that as sufferers they are not alone and there are many other individuals in the same situation as them, many of whom are masking their pain and anguish.

He believes that if talking about the subject helps even just one person then it has all been worthwhile.