Talks and Seminars


As my alter-ego (Captain Krankypants), I began a blog when I was first diagnosed with PTSD and Depression. This blog tracked my path to recovery and talked about many of the issues and experiences I had while struggling to stay alive.

In 2018 and 2019 I took this highly popular blog on the road – well not the blog itself, but the subject of the blog – “Living with PTSD and Depressive Disorder”. It was delivered to paying audiences across the UK and parts of Australia and was delivered as a two part talk where I firstly talked about the symptoms I experienced and secondly about what I did to address them.

I made then as entertaining as the subjects would allow and received really positive reviews from audiences. I felt people related to the talks because it was a person saying how they fell into the troubles and then gave practical advice (based on experience) on how to get out of it. I was one of the first to get out there and talk publicly about my struggle and recovery and now there are hundreds of people on the “depression bandwagon” talking about how they were able to still be the best at this or a champion at that while being depressed. My talks are different because they talk about how I stayed alive and was able to rebuild my life from nothing.

I have found that the talks really hit home, not just with, anyone dealing with the disorders themselves but also for their families and friends because it helps them understand what is going on inside the heads of their loved one.

Despite my amateur interest in psychology and a little formal education in the area, I do not profess to be a mental health expert or professional, I am just a guy who has forged a successful life despite living with the disorders gained during war service for the Australian Army.

I talk about how everyone saw me as a highly confident leader but all I could see was this internal tide of self-doubt, numbed emotions, hyper-alertness, guilt, frustration and many other negative thoughts.

I am able to talk with experience on how, despite all these things, I managed to be a successful sales executive in a multi-national corporation and built my own international entertainment business, that created theatre shows, produced television shows and toured Australian artists overseas. I would take on any challenges that would stretch my limits.

I have always been an entertainer of sorts – from the classroom clown through to the life of the party. I love to speak in both formal and informal situations and was even presented with the “Best Speaker At Symposium” award at an international conference in South Africa.

I believe everyone has potential to achieve their own goals, both emotional and physical. These goals will vary in level and intensity – one person may wish cars, mansions and cash while others may wish for internal peace and serenity. These talks reach all areas on the self fulfilment spectrum.

The objective of the talks is to let other sufferers understand they are not alone and to allow their families and friends better understand the behaviours of their loved one.


Seminars are a development of the talks that are more personal and and delivered to smaller, more intimate groups – maybe over a number of sessions. They are interactive and encourage participants to talk about their experiences and how they might work with each other or with me to move forward with their lives.