You Can Still Be Successful and of Value To You, Family and Friends

One of the most personal and self-confronting presentations down with flair and a humorous twist. While we all mostly live a life of relative normality doing what society expects from us – many of us have a different life that exists deep within.

Diagnosed with PTSD and Depressive Disorder, Trace spends and hour plus Q and A time talking about how he has coped with and now controls the disorders that affected him for so long.

His highly popular blog has shown him the he is not alone in this – many, many other people are the same but prefer to keep the inner ‘them’ hidden. This may be because of the need to be seen as strong, reliable, mature, sensible, a provider, a lover, a parent, etc… as a result people’s true selves and talents are restrained and locked away deep inside.

This presentation is Trace’s story of the road to bringing out the real him, the rediscovery of self, the rebirth of the true being that is him. Trace is not a mental health professional and has no formal training in medical areas – he is just a guy living with the conditions and not letting them control him. He is though an experienced public speaker and entertainer with a desire to help people accept and understand their conditions in a light hearted way.



Being self driven all his career but also being a lazy sod, Trace has had a career of continual improvement with what he sees as minimal outlay and investment. In reality he has developed such efficiency in action, and works at such a high level, that even what he sees as sub-standard performance is generally higher than that provided by others.   In this series of presentations, Trace light-heartedly takes us through his processes for goal setting, challenge acceptance, prioritisation of tasks, efficient approaches to resource allocation and positioning yourself appropriately for praise or blame. In the past subjects in this field have included: “If you cannot guarantee success, don’t try”, “Position, position, position – close enough to success, distanced for failure”, “You can’t score from 100 yards” (setting achievable objectives), “The blame game is lame”.  



As an IT consultant, Trace spent many years pretending to be something he was not. From Master of Ceremonies at Australian conferences dealing with advanced XML technology through to presentations in South Africa on “Probity in Government Procurement”, Trace has been able to network and interface informally with “fellow experts” and discuss major issues affecting the industry. Including some of the “new radical approaches” being undertaken overseas… usually he just makes these up to incite some thought or reaction in the listener.   Once presenting, Trace approaches the subject as the dedicated professional with important news from the leaders in the field. In the past this has included such classic new technologies as: “Reducing global warming through harvesting methane from dairy cows”, “Capitalising on increased avian deaths caused by the expansion of wind turbines”, “Applying heritage technologies to meet today’s business needs”, “New technology and reducing business savings through customer service”.



Being in the IT industry for 25 years has seen Trace at the forefront of change in business. Now he thinks it has gone far enough – well far enough in the areas that affect him negatively – of course there is always room for more change in gadgets that he likes… double standards? Nay, triple and quadruple standards are strongly at play here. If he likes it then change is good, if he doesn’t then it becomes a subject for complaint.   In these presentations Trace discusses change, why we had to have it and how it is now out of control. Change being made for change’s sake and not really having any positive effect on people’s lives. He also looks at all those annoying things that just make the life of a middle aged man just that little bit less enjoyable. Is he just a comedic whiner here or are there serious grounds for concern??? In the past topics examined here include: “Coke and Cadbury’s – why change a winning flavour?”, “Ethanol – WTF I don’t want sugar in my tank”, “Political correctness, health and safety and Darwinian theory”, “Diversity – a two way street”.